Sunday, 4 February 2018


Yes, you’ve got new friends, you really want to impress them, you go completely out of your way to make them reciprocate the love. I understand how smoothly and easily sweet-sounding achievements are made up in the course of conversations, the lists of countries you have visited on holiday is just never-ending, your father’s property matching up to Solomon’s of the Bible – It’s alright. We’re all guilty of this regardless how trivial the lie.

Quick question, have you settled on a date to come out clean from all the green lies. Unfortunately, it is practically near-impossible to edit the early chapters of your seemingly perfect relationship replete with lies. It is on this dirty foundation of exaggerated assets and perfection that the disturbing state of ‘’Fake Life’’ is borne.

Baby trust me, you do not want to be caught in a lie. Hehh!! It won’t be funny. You will either have to successfully make your friend believe his subconscious is gathering information from the wrong places or you will instantly be dubbed as a liar or worse, depending on the gravity of the lie you were caught up in and how your friend takes it. Whether there is an outright physical reaction to this or not, the certainty of a mental reaction cannot be debated– things will not be the same, except of course by prayer.

What do I think you can do? It has just registered that you are in a mess and the unrepentant part of you just wants to believe that life’s circumstances will cause you to leave that friend in no time and hence no need to stress the issue. Man, kill that thought right away - there’s no wisdom in it. Be reminded how tiny this world is and how high the tendency is for you to get married to his or her sister or brother and have his or her father as your doctor. The noble thing to do is the nearly-impossible thing of retracing your words in all honesty. Explain the unexplainable reason for all the lies. Your respect will come as it should, your mind will be at rest. Your relationship is now on honest grounds even though not so solid anymore. Over time, you will be glad how well your relationship will overcome this snag and then this episode will be an inside joke to you guys. Get ready for the healthy taunts.


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