Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How to Build Your Confidence

When I think about all the great people, who achieved greatness through their confidence, I wonder where it came from. I know confidence did not come naturally to them.

When struggles are overcome, it feels good, and there’s a great deal of satisfaction. From this satisfaction comes confidence.

Some people avoid challenges. Perhaps they may have failed at something one too many times, perhaps they’ve been told that they lack something needed to succeed. Instead they rely on stability, coasting through life. This can be fine for them, but ultimately its restrictive. They will never grow in confidence, and their fear of failure will become so powerful that will give up before seeing success.

The key to self confidence is to face every challenge head on. With every challenge you face and overcome, your confidence will grow to face the next. Welcome the challenges that come, don’t avoid them. They are all opportunities in disguise to feed your growth.

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