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The Effects of Pornography on a Student’s Brain

We all know that pornography has rapidly become an accepted part of the Internet society. At some point in time or the other, many of us have been exposed in one way or the other to sexually explicit material. Today, children even below the ages of 10 years have so much access to these materials talk less of teenagers above those ages in their adolescence and adults who have more freedom to do as they like. You may be reading this and have been gravely exposed to pornography and its negative effects. You may or may not know the gravity of the dangers posed by being addicted to pornographic materials. You may also want badly to come out of that addiction but it seems to be so difficult. You may need to be told that you’re not alone in the struggle. This pandemic as I like to call it has affected so many of us but a good number of us have come out free by God’s grace and because of some of the facts that are about to be brought to your notice.

As we are well aware, pornography has to do with sexually explicit material and include films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal. Some of us are used to it in the form of what is popularly known as ‘blue films’. I attended a conference in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, specifically the 2014 National Youth Summit, Centenary Edition and I was privileged to gain great insight from a resource person who spoke to us, a renowned doctor experienced in the specialty of helping young people mostly students out of this addiction. I will like to share with you some of the insight I gained.

People do the wrong things they do because they don’t understand the consequences. As was brought to my understanding in the summit by Dr. Ken Katas, pornographic materials when exposed to with time send what is termed “ero-toxins” to the brain. These toxins are charged chemicals that are released into the cortex which is the outer covering of the brain when porn is watched.
What are the Effects of these Ero-Toxins in the Brain?

1. They prevent rational reasoning

What happens when you keep looking at a pornographic material overtime as research has proven is that the cortex of your brain is gradually covered by some of the gray matter that should be within your brain and this happens almost immediately the brain detects that it is sexually explicit stuff. I don’t know whether this is a form of precaution God put in place beforehand when creating us knowing that we would later have this problem.

The problem here is actually that as a result, your ability to think clearly and sensibly is impaired, worse still, when you’re trying to prepare for exams. A greater problem is that after a long time, you may begin to permanently lose your ability to think rationally and this could get worse by resulting in insanity. Try evaluating the thoughts you had and actions you took after you had been exposed for more than five minutes to pornographic material and you’ll agree with this truth.

2. They increase brain restlessness

This one still has a lot to do with the fact that your brain is not created to contain those explicit materials. Anybody that has been in the biz for a while now will agree with me that whenever you pick up your book to read and instead proceed to “just view ‘a few’ of those nude pictures on your phone”, after about two to five minutes, the next thing you just want to do is sleep. This is the work of ero-toxins in the brain. You become restless and can no longer sit down and do something meaningful like reading your books.

Maybe I should go into the worse case scenarios and long-term effects, Dr Ken Katas made mention of some of his patients, students who were brought in by their parents to his office who could not sit at a place for more than a minute without standing up or moving up and down. Their parents complained that at home and in school, these students couldn’t concentrate on anything worthwhile for up to five minutes. These are the long-term effects of pornography. The moment you can learn to ‘sit down’, you’ve learned the highest form of discipline.

3. They block the pathway for normal understanding

Why God created the part of the brain that is used for academic activities such as understanding, concentrating and remembering, the Brocha Area 24 (BA 24) – as the doctor made mention – to be connected to the reproductive system, I don’t know. But it’s a fact that that part of your brain that will help you become great in life is linked to your sexual organs, maybe because there is energy to be tapped by right practice of sex in the context of marriage and not exposure to sexually explicit materials.

A picture, they say speaks a thousand words. Pictures have the ability to totally displace words from the memory and in other words, fill the memory more than words. In fact, the things you read and retained are because you were able to create a mental picture of them while studying. I guess it’s the brain’s way of compressing and zipping files to save space. The very moment words are hit by pictures in the brain, the words are displaced immediately and that can be dangerous when pornography interferes with your study. When you engage yourself in pornography over-time, you gradually begin to lose your ability to concentrate and understand what you study.

4. They lead to addiction

The last major negative effect of pornography to your brain is that it always leads to addiction. As I have earlier mentioned, pictures are highly respected by the brain and you remember 40% of what you see as against 20% of what you read. I wish engaging in pornography involved just sight, that would have been much better. But, it leads to you wanting to practice and you remember 60% of what you do. Since you remember 90% of what you do applying all your senses as in the case of pornography, the imprint on your memory becomes much larger.

As a result of this large imprint, the memories reoccur almost as often as you see the opposite sex and this is what leads to sexual addiction. For the male, it’s a worse situation because it is medically proven that whenever a man watches pornography and sees a nude picture, it registers 16 times in the memory while for the female counterpart, it registers only once. This is why a male is more liable to pornographic addiction than a female.

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