Sunday, 11 June 2017

Black, Beautiful and Brainy

Black girls everywhere have always looked to social media to give them role models with skin like theirs who were making it in their respective fields. We have Beyonce, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, Taraji, Michelle Obama and the like.

But as a bookish, introverted black girl I also wanted to see black girls excelling in academia who were also considered cool and this weekend it happened.

YaraShahidi, Black-ish star announced her decision to attend Harvard University this fall. Not surprising considering Michelle Obama and her AP calculus teacher wrote her recommendations. Formidable backing. Her exciting Instagram post which featured her sporting the maroon sweatshirt of the prestigious university jogged my memory of Malia Obama wearing the university’s shirt last year and I realized she was also going to be attending the same university when her gap year ends this summer! Was Michelle just getting Malia a good roommate when she wrote Yara’s recommendation later?

But jokes aside, how fantastic is that? These melanin queens are giving us all-round life. Slaying everything from AP exams to filmmaking, acting and to fashion looks and giving us motivation to excel.

As Yara is getting her own spinoff show College-ish soon, can we please have an episode with Malia being featured?

Issa concept.

By Terri Nwanma

IG: terri_nwanma

twiiter: terrificterri_

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