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Challenge Future Essay Competition 2017.

Application Deadline: 15 January, 2017

Giving a fast investigation on world’s features and news today, you will see that an expansive bit of them, if not more than 70% talk about something terrible that has happened in some nation. It’s not any longer the question “What stunned you amid a month ago?”, besides, it’s “What stunned you today?”

In the event that you are Turkish, would it say it was something that happened on the fringe with Syria, or most recent auto bomb in Istanbul? Potentially, a similar news have stunned someone cross-outskirts.

On the off chance that you were from Poland or Belarus, would it say it was that administration begins signing in Bialowieza Forest, the final European antiquated timberland?

Did you perhaps think that its uncanny that by 2050, some say that we will engage in sexual relations with robots?


Additionally, interface with your own encounters. Your companion future-challenger who lives in Istanbul, was just minutes away when a bomb detonated in the downtown area. Another was near where a bomb detonated in Brussels. A third one who became close-by the Bialowieza Forest will have all his adolescence recollections wiped out once the timberland is obliterated.

We devour these sorts of features that shake the world once a day. To such an extent, a large portion of us have ended up invulnerable – does it stun us any longer? How would we react to such news?

If we somehow happened to fabricate a counter-story of reacts to these sort of news, how might an account of that kind resemble? All things considered, that would be our test here!


This challenge is accessible to every enrolled individual from Challenge:Future.

Your assignments:

Pick the feature. What are the news about? Re-read it. What message you can extricate from the post? Does it influence you by and by? Is it safe to say that you were there and saw it happening?

Open the “Post thought” catch (on your upper-right of this page). Pick classification for the news you have picked (for instance: environment twisting news, despise discourse related news, news on fear mongering exercises, news on environmental change impacts – and so on). Alongside composing reasonable class for your news, duplicate a connection/wellspring of these news.

Re-compose it. Unravel it. Answer it! Cry the feature and the connection that you have replicated, give your own and innovative react to the news. Your assignment now is to change over the message of the news and make one which you would rather have perused. Make it a positive counter-message – the counter-news. This is about how you rethink what kind of news you wish to peruse today!


The C:F Judges, will compensate the best contenders with extraordinary inventive treats/creates and you’re going to love these endowments!

Course of events:

Challenge opens: 10 November

Group votes: 1 December – 15 January, 2017

Challenge closes: 15 January, 2017

Judges votes: 15 January – 20 January 2017

Declaration of champs – 21 January 2017

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Challenge Future Essay Competition 2017

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