Friday, 30 December 2016


It’s that time of year. The time of year when you start to scramble and think about all the goals that you didn’t yet achieve and all the items that are still on your to do list. Instead of being able to relax and take advantage of taking a break over the holidays, you panic.

I’ve seen this happen year after year to myself, my friends, and even my clients. And you know what? It’s the worst possible way to get the new year off to a great start.

You want to enter the new year in a positive mindset and you want to feel excited about what’s coming up for you. When you enter the new year focused on all the things that didn’t go well the year before you set yourself up for more disappointment. This year I’m being super mindful about my mindset and I feel really excited to dive into the new year. I’ve really taken some time to explore what we can do to make the next year amazing and I’ve realized that there are three things we must do before the current year ends.

1. Celebrate your wins from the past year

We often have the tendency to focus on the things that went wrong or the goals we didn’t achieve from the previous year rather than focusing on all our wins. Take out a piece of paper and actually write out a list of all your accomplishments. Each time you think of one, take a moment pause and allow yourself to feel good about that accomplishment. Make sure you include the amazing things that happened for you that you didn’t even plan on achieving this year — you can bet I’m taking some extra time to celebrate doubling my income, launching + filling up a group program way before I thought I was ready, and creating two e-courses even though they weren’t things that I set out to do this year!

2. Create new goals for the new year

I know this one may seem pretty obvious to you but make sure you take some time to really sit and connect with the goals you want to achieve for next year. Assess what did and didn’t work for you over the past year and think about what would be really amazing for you to achieve over the next year. I also want you to take this a step further and think about what you need to do in the next month to make that goal happen. This is something that you will continually have to assess and be aware of because if you just create a goal without breaking it down into further steps, it can be much harder to achieve.

3. Declutter the stuff that isn’t working anymore
So as you enter the new year, you really want to take time to assess what isn’t working for you in your life anymore. That may be your crappy cell phone that needs an upgrade or it may be that bestie that really isn’t supportive of you anymore. It may also be a LOT of things (more than you want to admit) so give yourself a good amount of time to do this. I know I like to check out my home and get rid of any clutter that is bringing me down and I also like to check out my business and assess what just isn’t working right now for me. Of course there are some things (like family members!) that you may not be able to declutter for good so just decrease the amount of energy you put towards them and the time you spend with them in the new year. By removing all the not so great stuff that you have to deal with, you’re going to make a lot more room for the good things you’re planning for yourself in the new year.

Just set aside some time for yourself over the next few days to make sure these things happen and you’ll put yourself in a great place to have the most successful and best year ever of your life.

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