Thursday, 13 October 2016


Yeah yeah, I understand. You read all night, you woke so late, you don't want to be shut out like the five foolish virgins; and so you decide breakfast isn't necessary and then you fly to class with your legs.

"Who breakfast help?"

Breakfast helps you kick start the day: We all know that sleeping is an overnight fast which takes a chunk of energy vis-à-vis body metabolism. Eating a healthy and nutritious in the morning helps us replenish our body and provide the energy needed to start the day.

Weight Loss/Control: Several studies have shown that people who skip breakfast have the tendency to gain excess weight. Eating very well in the morning helps us safely lose weight and stay healthy. When you eat a substantial quantity of healthy breakfast, you would have taken your most calories of the day in the morning and you tend to be less hungry during the other times of the day and are in a position to control your intake for lunch and dinner. Unlike breakfast eaters, those who skip breakfast become too hungry and eat a lot at lunch and dinner and hence, their bodies store unnecessary calories which should have been used up during the course of the day’s activities.

To maintain an obese-free body, you should eat your biggest meal of the day in the morning.

Mental Alertness and Concentration: Studies show that people who eat healthy breakfast show high level of mental alertness and are able to concentrate better on their tasks for the day. Let’s look at it this way, if you are hungry, are you able to concentrate on your work or studies? After fasting overnight, eating a good breakfast ensures that our bodies are fuelled and ready for mental and physical activity.

People often say they skip breakfast because it makes them dizzy and weak. This is by no means true; if you are feeling weak in the morning after eating breakfast, it might be that you had insufficient night rest and will still feel weak and sleepy if you did not eat breakfast. Parents, if you want your kids to perform better in school, have them eat very well (healthy breakfast) in the morning and stop boxing their breakfast for consumption in school. Studies show that breakfast improves academic performance, skill, punctuality and attendance. In addition, children who miss breakfast on a regular basis experience more behavioral problems than those who do not.

Blood Sugar Level: Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast keeps your sugar level in check. Missing breakfast may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes especially in women. Eating a healthy breakfast reduces the urge to consume high kilojoule foods later in the day hence balancing your blood sugar level.

Nutritional Benefit: Eating healthy breakfast means that the body will get the nutrients needed to function and rebuild the tissues early in the day. A good breakfast can provide protein (for building and maintaining muscle), carbohydrates (for energy), fibre (for healthy digestive function), calcium (for building strong bones), iron (for healthy red blood cells and oxygen transport around the body), plus additional vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential for healthy growth and development.

Positive Attitude/Enthusiasm: T
hose who maintain regular healthy breakfast tend to show more positive disposition. Good planned nutritious breakfast a day before helps you get out of bed early and keep you enthusiastic about the new day.

More benefits of having a healthy breakfast abound as the list is endless. While having anything for breakfast is better than not having at all, we suggest you make your breakfast healthy and well-balanced to get you going and also avail you with these benefits.

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