Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Intergeneration Foundation’s Your Story Contest 2016.

To encourage people to diary, document and communicate between generations, Intergeneration Foundation sponsors -Intergeneration Storytelling Contest- worldwide. Stories from around the world come to us, and a panel of independent judges determines winning stories. Winners can receive cash prizes and other awards for intergenerational stories, some reaching four to five generations back. The winning stories are published on our website for all to enjoy.


2016 Theme: “Connecting People Across Generations”


Intergeneration Foundation

First Prize: $500 cash prize
Second Prize: $300 cash prize
Third Prize: $200 cash prize
Seven Intergeneration Honor Certificates.


September 30, 2016


Participate now in this celebrated annual worldwide Storytelling Contest by following these simple rules:
Stories must include characters from more than one generation.
Stories must be original and unpublished, and may be fiction, non-fiction, or a combination.
Stories may not exceed 400 words.
Stories must be provided via copying and pasting the text into the body of your e-mail submission.
Your e-mail submission must be sent through our website’s submission form, and include the author’s name, exact mailing address and e-mail contact in order that all winners may be advised immediately upon winning (contact information will remain private).
All entries must be received by September 30, 2016.
Three nationally recognized authors will judge entries!
Submit to the 2016 Your Story Contest


Get across to the organizers via this contact form

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