Monday, 8 August 2016

Exclusive Interview With Mr Valentine Ohams.

We bring to you our amazing readers another interview of a Nigerian undergraduate, who buttresses the importance of time management and money making as a student in his activities.

Can we meet you?
Am Valentine Ohams Somadina, the second of six children; just one girl. I am a camera aficionado. I love my body and I love to look cute, don't blame me.

When did you start modelling?
Started modelling at the age of 17,back in secondary school.

Who do you work with?
I work an agency "Catch22models" signed a two year deal,been going well,going for casting and other jobs like the runway and commercials.

What are you studying in school?
I am a student of (NOUN)National Open University,studying mass communication.

Does modelling distract you from school?
Not at all,they both work with good timing.

Does your course have any affiliation with modelling?
I don't think mass communication has anything to do with Modelling...

Tell us how you manage your activities, joggling school and modelling jobs.
Its not easy,definitely I have to read and prepare myself for an upcoming test or exams n I still got jobs in line and sometimes I had to drop a job just to be in school or the other way I risk skipping lectures for a job,nevertheless I still make sure to balance my activities.

Your advice to students who are scared of trying something asides schooling.
 Don't be scared of doing something different or trying new things it may be challenging but worth it,and you just don't say you are a student,get something to do.



  1. The chest that's all I see

  2. I know how difficult it is to manage modelling and schooling. Great job.

  3. wow, mass comm, NOUN, il look out for him.