Saturday, 20 August 2016

Exclusive Interview With Mr Kuforiji Adedamola Victor, Pioneer of Phronesis.

So we got talking to the pioneer of Phronesis. He had a lot to tell us about it and its soon coming event.

Can we meet you? 
I am Kuforiji Adedamola Victor, A final year Law student of the University of Ibadan and currently the CEO of Phronesis Global Leadership Group

When was PHRONESIS established? 
Phronesis was formally established in 2016 although it has been a Vision in incubation for a long time. Thank God for its fruition Now

What plunged the birth? 
Phronesis was birthed out of a passion for true leadership in Nigeria. The advancement of a country in premised on the quality of the Leaders. We believe that the solution to Nigeria's perennial problem is true leadership and It begins with a change of mindset in our Citizens. Every Nigerian must understand the core values of leadership as an outstanding feature of people development. Our desire is that Every Nigerian gets this understanding through deliberate training

What are it's motives?
Our Drive is the Promotion of Excellence in Leadership

It's source of funds? 
Phronesis is a non-profit organization that is run based on members strength, donations and sponsorships

Tell us something about the anticipated event from Phronesis.

Phronesis is a Leadership organization targeted towards raising Leaders who are Sound in Leadership principles and Committed towards People Development



Target Audience " Undegraduates, Groups, organizations, fellowships and Individuals

Proposed Date " 10th September 2016

Proposed Venue: Main hall, UI Hotels.

Aims and Objectives
1. Training of People towards People development

2. Promotion of Leadership values, ethics and Ideals.

3.Capacity building and Development

There is be Leadership certificates issues to Interested Participants

What do you expect to achieve with it? 
Phronesis Leadership Summit tagged "VISIBLE INFLUENCE" is targeted towards raising True Leaders in the Society. Our target audience are Undergraduates and Youths in general. There will be advantage sessions on Politics, Business/ Entrepreurship, Arts and Culture and Entertainment which will be handled by seasoned Facilitators.

The impact of PHRONESIS to the society? 
Phronesis will be a re igniting force in Nigeria for the establishment of Sound Leadership. We thus make a clarion call to all Nigerians at various level to imbibe virtues of good Leadership at all times. We see a better Nigeria which begins with a better You.

Your advise to youths reading this?
As a youth,In all you do, Remember that the dreams of a better Nigeria rest on your shoulders. Be good Ambassadors of Nigeria. Pursue your dream and always believe in Yourself

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