Tuesday, 26 July 2016



DESCRIPTION: The Campus photo contest is basically organized to address some crucial issues as they affect Nigeria’s higher institution of learning. It also seeks to improve and encourage participation in photojournalism as an integral aspect of journalism while stimulating the interests of campus journalists.

Participants must be a campus journalist with evidence of membership in any higher institution of learning in Nigeria. Winners will be made to present this evidence of membership and/or a letter of recognition from their respective local Editors- In- Chief/Presidents before claiming their prizes.
How to Participate
Each participant MUST submit one entry of five pictures (It is not necessary that all five pictures should be uploaded at the same time)
However, each picture should be uploaded on twitter and tweeted at @UCJ_UI with the hash tags #UCJUI , #HIBPhotocontest and #TheParticipant’sfirstnameandschool e.g #UCJUI #HIBPhotocontest #IbrahimUI
Entries not tweeted at @UCJ_UI or without the hashtags would not be considered by the judges.
All participants are expected to like our page UCJUI and follow @ucj_ui account for their entries to be valid.

We expect submissions that depict the theme – THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY: SHOOTING THE SOLUTION
Pictures submitted shall depict matters with emphasis on the pride, heritage and the socio-moral issues in the Nigeria’s higher institutions.
Pictures should be accompanied by a brief description of not more than 100 characters.
Pictures should be in JPEG format not more than 2MB or 1500x2100pixel.
Monochrome and coloured pictures are allowed.
Pictures must not be extremely “photoshoped” to an extent that it will lose its original/fundamental contents.
Scanning of photographs, pictures or images in any form will not be accepted.
All pictures must be originally taken by the participant.

Three winners i.e. 1st position, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up will be decided by a panel of professional photojournalists and the 4th and 5th position will be the participants with highest number of retweets and favourites.

1st Prize – ₦50,000

2nd Prize – ₦30,000

3rd Prize – ₦20,000

Top five winners including the 4th and 5th positions will have the opportunity to have a shooting experience and training at High-Class events with Mr. Hammed Ibrahim Adewale, the IS Manager/Security Partner at Sanofi Aventis Nigeria Limited and an experienced photographer who keeps a photo blog at http://aiyekootohpix.blogspot.com.ng .

Any entry after 10th September, 2016 [11.59PM] will NOT be considered.


All inquiries should be directed to ucjunibadan@gmail.com or mail@ucjui.com .N.B: The judging panel will consist of professional and experienced individuals in journalism and photography; hence, by taking part in the contest, you agree that their decisions will be final.


  1. How real is this. Am in ui

    1. It is more than real...check http://www.ucjui.com/hibphotocontest/ or you can come to Suite 14, UCJ OFFICE, Students' Union Building, University of Ibadan for more info. Thanks.

  2. I don't understand d guidelines. Pictures should depict gud, bad and ugly?
    Am a campus journalist in Unilag.