Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Good Morning Great One. This morning, we will be considering the Four Basic temperaments that determine the attitudinal patterns of a Person.


Tim Lahaye in his book "The spirit-controlled temperament" stated that a Person falls under at least one of the following category which have its strengths and weaknesses.

People with this Personality are usually impulsive and Fun seeking. They are lively and desire to explore the world. As a result of the energy they have on the inside, they tend to be risk takers with a lot of enthusiasm. They are usually rational, Explorative and Extroverted. Boredom can make them less effective and Productive. David and Peter in the Bible exhibited these traits.

2. Choleric
This is a strong Personality with an ambitious and Leader like nature with a huge rush of Confidence. They desire control and authority and are usually insensitive to feelings.They correct wrongs and are very decisive.
On the other Hand, they can be domineering and impatient with few friends around them. Paul and Titus in the Bible exhibited these traits.

3. Phlegmatic
This is a Personality trait that is quiet, peacefull, well-composed, introverted, agreeable and intuitive. It is often exhibited in more females than Males.
They are consistently quiet and uninvolved.
However, they show a great deal of perseverance and strong will.
Joseph and Timothy in the Bible exhibited these traits.

4. Melancholic
They exhibit the traits of a Thoughtful and introverted Person. Self sacrificing with Perfectionist tendencies.They are serious, creative and with very High Standard.They care deeply for People.
However caring so much for others leaves them helpless when they need it the most from others and this can be a Mood changer for them.
Abraham and Moses in the Bible exhibited these traits.

The four temperaments can be Summed up into the "Talker", " Doer", "watcher" and the "Thinker".

Note that a Person can exhibit more than one of these temperaments.

It is expedient to state that Much more than Knowing this, It is important for You to Maximise your Strength and work on your weakness. You can be who you want to be. The same way you have control over your thoughts.

But when your Mind begins to control you, you can end up in real disaster.

"You don't just have temperament. You have a Spirit-Controlled temperament"
Tim Lahaye

Have a great Inspiring Day.

Yours in Progress,
Kuforiji Adedamola Victor


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