Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Scrapping Of Post-UTME Does Not Mean There Won't Be Screening

One of the major decisions taken at the end of the 2016 policy meeting that has all the stakeholders in the education in attendance, was that post-UTME should be scrapped.

Obviously, many candidates do not understand the import of this going by the number of calls we have been receiving concerning this.

Many of them think that since post-UTME has been scrapped there's not going to be any form of screening before they secure admission.

For the avoidance of doubt, schools are going to still conduct screening for candidates. However, the method of screening will differ depending on the school.

Now you may wonder what's the big deal about scrapping post-UTME in the first place? The scrapping of post-UTME only means that schools are not to conduct screening exercises similar to JAMB UTME. Many schools screening exercises seem more like sitting for JAMB UTME again because the same subjects you sat for in JAMB UTME are what you are being tested on again. According to the education minister, Mallam Adamu Adamu, that does not make sense.

So while schools were directed not to conduct screening exercises similar to JAMB UTME, they are at liberty to conduct other forms of screening for their candidates.

So if you have been whiling away time thinking that since post-UTME has been scrapped that there won't be any form of screening before you are admitted, you better wake up now and start preparing to avoid unpleasant surprises.
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  1. But they are d same thing

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  3. This decision is totally inappropriate and uncalled for. Apart from that, with the announcement came with unanswered questions like you pointed out.

    How about the schools that have already conducted post utme?

    How will students be sorted into schools since over 60,000 apply for top schools like UNILORIN alone?

    Should the schools that have not conducted post utme still go on with it?

    Most of these questions still need an answer

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