Thursday, 30 June 2016

Roles of Mentorship in Leadership and Discipleship (Continuation)



Today we consider another key role of mentorship in leadership and discipleship which is what I call AIDED VISION.

A key function of a good mentor in a mentee's life is to enable the mentee to see beyond the boundaries of mediocrity. A good mentor will provide his mentee some exposure. Exposure aids our imagination and actuates our resting and almost rusty creative potentials.

When a mother eagle lifts its baby eagle up so high in the process of teaching him to fly, the baby eagle is not just learning to fly. The baby eagle is learning to dream, to see broader, wider and better. This vision and adventure makes the baby eagle to become dissatisfied with smallness and mediocrity. This resolution is what will drive the young eaglet to pay any price, undertake any training required to be able to fly at such height.

In choosing a mentor, one should choose someone who would not be intimidated by the extent of his dreams and visions. People should choose mentors who would rather provide platforms that will enable their mentees to dream broader, wider and better.

Humans have a competitive tendency which makes them reason that if this is possible with Mr A, then it can be done by me, Mr B also. Let your mentorship provide you the opportunity to be able to lengthen your boundaries and broaden your dreams.

After the disciples of Jesus had been with the man Jesus for some time, they could not just go back to their initial occupation which was fishing. At this point they had found a greater reason for living. They must have resolved that there was more to life than catching fishes.

The impact of mentors on their mentees should be as Jesus had on Peter when he told him that he would no longer catch fishes but men. That was obviously a greater and higher purpose.


The disciple is not above his master : but everyone that is perfect shall be as his master.  Luke 6:40

Yours in Progress,
Otugene Benjamin

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