Saturday, 11 June 2016

Exclusive Interview With Miss Blessing Iyamadiken.

We bring to you another exclusive interview with Miss Blessing Iyamadiken, a writer with many feathers in her cap. She's a writer at The Connet, a satirist and the Production Assistant at WinifredIguwaNetwork. 

Can we meet you?
My name is Blessing Iyamadiken, a student of the university of Lagos.

At what age did you begin writing?
Officially at the age of 18, unofficially since the beginning of my secondary school education, just like everyone else i guess. Lol

Tell us a little on how you started out.
Okay, my first article which was published in a national daily, The Punch Newspaper, was due to an anger that was welling up in me. I had woken up to the news that some 200 girls had been kidnapped from their school in Borno. I was angry to be very honest. And I wrote that article, sent it over to Punch and it got published. You can't understand the extent of my joy when it got published. I got so many mails from people around the country who were glad that someone spoke their mind and from them, I got the inspiration to keep writing especially about societal ills.

Do you have any published work?
A lot of my articles have been published in newspapers, and others in Print Magazines example The Bug Magazine.
I am also writing a book at the moment which I hope to finish and publish before the end of the year.

Your writing skills get better by the day, how do you sharpen it?
Well, I read a lot of articles, I am also a lover of newspapers, I try to read most national dailies so I can get a good grasp of what is hapening in the country. I study people and their writing styles alot and when I read, I try to ask myself what the writer was thinking when he wrote what he wrote. Also, I understand that there is what you want to say and there is what your audience wants to hear, there is also what you write and how your reader interprets what you have written. So whenever I write, I try to put my audience in perspective. I also attend a lot of writing classes so that I can interact with people of like minds and get ideas.

 What is your inspiration?
My inspiration could come from anywhere depending on what I am writing. It could come from music, movies, novels, newspapers etc

 How do you gather your wealth of experience?
First, I would say that I gathered my wealth of experience by doing a lot of free jobs. And also, I don't ever say I can't do something. If someone brings a job for me, particularly a writing job, I always say "yes i can do it", no matter the nature of what I have been asked to write. Later, I sit down, do my research on the topic and come up with a good piece. 

  Your advice to writers that have not been commended?
Keep writing, keep doing your thing, your recognition will come with persistence and hard work. There is enough room in the sky for more stars.

Do you believe in causing change with a pen? Tell us a little more.
Yes of course. I for instance prefer to write about societal ills, that way, I am creating a movement with my readers, because they would read and if it registers in their subconscious, they are less likely to act that way in future. I believe that you are what you read.

 Where can we see your works now?
My blog, , also on , The Bug Magazine etc

 Where do you hope to see your works in five years?
In five years, I hope to be one of the most recognized writers in the world.

Blessing Iyamadiken


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