Wednesday, 29 June 2016

19th National Health Sciences Research Symposium Essay Competition.

 The 19th National Health Sciences Research Symposium, dedicated to neuroscience, is scheduled for November 4-6. We invite you to participate in an essay competition based on the theme, ‘Can the brain understand the brain?’ 

“How is memory stored? What defines our personalities? How can we explain something as intangible as emotion – reduce this highly sophisticated phenomenon to a list of objective scientific facts?

“What about the dreams we see every night? Are they a product of the intricate organic infrastructure we call the brain? Or does it fall in the equally complex realm of the mind?

“What is love? Is it the spontaneous shooting of a million neurons in our cortices that push us to seek companionship? Or is there some other hand at play – puppeteering us through this convoluted maze of devotion?

“Above all else, what is consciousness and freewill? Will we ever be able to comprehend it? Or will it be just another mystery, forever locked away in the tortuous gyri of our brains?”

‘Can the brain understand the brain?’

National Health Sciences Research Symposium

The winning article will be published in Pakistan Journal of Neurological Sciences. Cash prizes will also be given!

31st August 2016

Students of medicine, nursing, dentistry, psychology or other allied health fields as well graduates of these fields are eligible.

The essay may be scholarly, philosophical, scientific and/or literary; the topic is open to interpretation

• Entries are required to be in English

• Essays will be judged on fluency, originality, imagination, style and relevance to the study of the brain and/or mind.

• Word limit is 1000 words

• Only one essay per participant

• Send your essay with Author Information at ‘Student Corner’ at

For any further queries feel free to email us at


  1. Yes just for science students right?

    1. If you are not a student of Medicine and you're able to write well on the topic, enter.