Sunday, 3 April 2016

2016 imustbeoff Travel Writing Contest.

It’s that time of year again: time to type up those travel articles, travel anecdotes and travel reflections. If it’s about travel, we want to read it. We want to read about that place that changed you. We want to read about the experiences you can’t wait to share with other travelers. Whether your work is humorous, informative, quirky or profound–we want to read it.


Write a travel article about a place that changed you


I Must Be Off!

The Top essays will be published at I Must Be Off! (Authors retain copyright.)
Second place prize: $50
First place prize: $200
Readers’ Choice Award ($50) based on unique hits and comments tallied on September 30.


July 31, 2016

Maximum 1200 words
Edited to the best of your ability for spelling, grammar and punctuation
Up to three photos may be submitted with your entry. Photos not necessary to win.
Previously unpublished work only! Blog posts are considered published (and I research all finalists).
No entry fee.Yes, that’s right. You have nothing to lose.
Open to anyone worldwide, but you need (access to) a PayPal account
Entries must be in English
One entry per person
Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2016
Send entries with a 50-word third-person bio to with the heading TRAVEL WRITING CONTEST.
Entries will be read blind by this year’s judge and travel writer, Paola Fornari. It is not necessary to delete identifying information from your entry. If your name appears anywhere, it will be removed before it’s forwarded to the judge.
Word doc, docx and rtf files only.
Finalists announced in August 2016. Winners announced and published in late summer 2016.


Please send your inquiries to

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