Monday, 14 December 2015


It is visible to the blind that in this contemporary time, teenagers have a passion for hobnobbing with friends. Only ‘’boring’’ teenagers spend their weekend with their parents at home. Having friends, divulging secrets to them and walking with them is an inherent attribute of teen-hood especially in this modern times.
Friends are people who like each other and wish to spend time together, cherishing one another’s company. Friendship is an inmate relationship based on mutual choice. A prerequisite for a consolidated friendship is appreciation for one another and love.
Teenagers have secrets they want to share with someone of the same age grade, who has a just perfect understanding of what they are relaying and afterwards, render some ‘teenage advice’ to them. Teenagers have a sort of complete feeling when they have someone to tell their burdens and ‘absurd’ feelings (absurd: as seen by a more mature individual).
Following the need for a friend and the impossibility of parents to cover the eyes of their children from seeing the need for a friend, teenagers are advised to be make friends circumspectly.
Prior to entering into friendship, one should have a lucid knowledge of the acquaintance he relates with. One’s friend is the major influence to becoming someone admirable or condemnable. Though, there are many factors that form the big stone to destroying good values or building a remarkable behaviour; a friend still remains the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.
A friend who stays under the umbrella of good behavior and high moral standard will unconsciously cover anyone who stays close from being beaten by the rain of bad values.
Depressingly, many teenagers have been led out of the box their parents have tried so much to keep them curtailed in. They have had a taste of evil and have reached a resolution to continue eating and enjoying it, so long as their ‘sure’ friends do likewise.
Jide, my neighbour was known for his big school trouser and his always-very-full bag. He was intelligent and was benchmark for good behavior. Jide maintained his exemplary lifestyle throughout his Junior Secondary School days until he began to host a horde of obvious-rascals. A sheer different lifestyle was planted in him by his peer.
My relation, who was nothing near serious, who took school as a waste of time and displayed a nonchalant attitude to learning was made anew by a friend who used to come and get his assignments done with his laptop.
Staying around people that you can not relate with is not ideal. It aftermaths into a feeling of inferiority, which heralds the desire to follow suit in nasty things. One should build up the skill of detaching oneself from morally loose people.
On an observation that an acquaintance bases his or her chats or conversations on obscene or lewd topics, a pro-active action of abstaining from him or her should be made. Likewise, anyone that gives advice that boils down to immoral actions should be de-friended.
A good friend is tantamount to success. It is way better not to have a friend than to have a bad friend.

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