Wednesday, 16 December 2015


One man, one wife is a practice socially recognized as monogamy. Monogamy is the custom of being married to only one person at a time. It has proven to be most ideal.
The all perfect God, who knows all surely has no faults in his deeds. Marriage, which has from the beginning been a conventional practice, was instituted by God. God, having foresight and unfathomable understanding of the future heralded marriage by giving the first man, Adam, a help-meet. Eve was the wife God benevolently rendered to Adam to serve numerous purposes, under the canopy of assistance. Now, no one will say that God is unwise, thus, giving Adam only one wife at the beginning arrays his creed and philosophy concerning marriage. The creator,’’ seeing his work was perfect, blessed it...’’ Monogamy is seen as perfect before God, therefore, should be the practice of all, as we strive tirelessly to be like him.
Parents play a major role in raising their children. Parents need to be close to their children from the initial to the later. Monogamy stands solidly in support of it. It keeps parents and their children cohered, it stirs a feeling of oneness, harmony, togetherness and sense of belonging. It is known for a peaceful environment, hence, benign and socially accepted individual are bred in monogamous homes.
Polygamy does not bring parents close to their children. It in fact, builds a chasm between parents and their offspring. They therefore lead a loose and uncontrollable life without a parental eye watching and directing.
However, monogamy does not reign supreme. Many men indulge in getting married to many women, allowing their children swim in the river of snags, following polygamy. Teenagers from polygamous homes most often live in an uncultured and unaccepted way, though, all the blame is not heaved on them alone but the commandeering percentage of blame stays with the father and wives.Since tutelage from parents is far away from them, they begin to choose their path at an early age. No one expects a growing teenager to have his ways right without constant advice. Due to lack of care and attention, some of them suffer sicknesses without anyone noticing, some work arduously to pay their school fees and feed themselves. This practice is pathetic and unfair.
Fortunately, there are things to do. Teenagers who find themselves in polygamous families can endeavor to be very close their mothers, make friends with teenagers who come from healthy monogamous families, where the parents are caring and understanding. When one from a polygamous home is disturbed and needs advice, he can read online for solutions or tangible advice. As well, find companion with elderly ones around who can offer help in various ways.
No one decides the family he or she wants to be a member of. So, therefore, we must find comfort in anywhere we find ourselves because everything happens for a reason.

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  1. These advice are good. Teens frm Polygamous homes shld take note.