Monday, 7 December 2015


I heard of a woman who got acquainted to a man through the internet .Progressively, they became friends and in no time, they got engaged, even though she had never met the man. The man deceitfully made the woman believe he manages a business venture in South Africa as a means of sustaining lively hood. After a while of everyday-internet-communication, the woman felt so secure with the man and began to share earnings with him, in the believe that they will get married soon. He deceived her into chanelling her millions into his so-called investment in his company. She found out after a twist in events that she had been duped and he was just a figure of pretence and that their relationship was built on lies.
I tried to put myself mentally in the seat of Cynthia’s parents. Cynthia, the girl that was sexually abused and killed in Abuja by a Facebook friend. Her parents must have felt absolutely depressed and would have accommodated venomous hatred and aversion for the social media and all it had to offer. The papers had it that she was called to Abuja for a friendly meeting, where she was sexually abused and subsequently, killed.
A social media is an avenue on the internet, where different people from different parts of the world get connected.
I have sat and thought times without number on why many people still think it okay to make friends on the social media when they practically know nothing about the person’s real attributes and behaviour, except of course what his or her profile on the internet says. A prerequisite for having a friend is having a sound knowledge of his or her likes or dislikes, allergy and many more. By the social media, one is not opportune to know all these and hence would not know whether the ‘friend’ would be of mental, physical or moral injury to him.
Sundry people harbour friendship with loose, without-moral-standard and noisome people and consequently, become as such. This people walk into the social media a different person, leaving their obnoxious character on standstill, while they use the social media. Unfortunately, some ignorant people, desperately in need of friends get acquainted and in a short while get immenced in a consolidated friendship, without an iota of understanding of the actual person he or she is friends with.
Many people on the social media are violent and criminal-minded. It is almost impossible to pinpoint the bad ones on the social media. There is as well no brainchild or invention that distinguishes the good from the bad. Hence, no one can boast of having only morally conscious people as  friends on the social media.
The maxim, ’’Evil communication corrupts good manner’’ is bound to be prevail when good teenagers starts conversing with corrupt teenagers on the social media.
A sincere applause goes to anyone who makes good, upright, morally conscious friends on the social media .In my list of safe places to make friends, the social media will not be found.
Irrefutably, the social media is not a safe place to make friends. Thus ,a clarion call for us to launch into a campaign  against making friends on the internet.                                                                                                                                                                        

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