Wednesday, 2 December 2015

BSU has released the registration procedur efor newly admitted students.
OAU management has just shut down the university indefinitely.
FUGASHUA admission list has been released.
YSU admission procedures for diploma program has been announced.
MAPOLY has announced resumption date and deadline for registration of newly admitted students.
UI has released its supplementary list and its DE list.
UI has released its clearance procedures for those who were offered admission in the supplementary list.
FEDPOLY OFFIA  2nd batch ND/HND list has been released.
FUNAAB admission  list is now accessable in their website.
FED POLY Ilaro 3rdvbatch ND/HND admission list has been released.
FED POLY Nasarawa has released it s2nd batch admission list.
Check your institution's website for more information.

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