Friday, 11 December 2015


There comes a dire situation in every teen’s life when he needs a solid advice from his or her pal that he can depend on. ‘Advice’ in this context embraces opinions, views and ideas on a particular issue.
The journey to making ones say be put majorly into consideration is not a short ride; it is herculean and tiresome. There are so many skills one needs to invest so much in building.
Being easily influenced is a shortcoming to attaining this destination. From an introspective eye, it is noticed that teenagers heap a lot of value on those who are not easily influenced. Thus, the expression of this attribute distinguishes many teenagers from their counterparts. The opinions of this caliber of teenagers are most often upheld and considered before others.
Possessing unwavering beliefs, ideologies and attitudes also provokes an avalanche of respect to fall on a teenager. Being staunch and firm in ones beliefs and attitudes complements the skill in the preceding paragraph. Everyone unconsciously becomes familiar with your principles and hence, sure where you really lie. The opinion of such a person, you would agree, will be more reliable than that of an unstable and undecided teenager. The popular colloquial saying, ‘she’s two-mouthed’ will never be heard as regarding the persona. His or her advice will certainly be accepted and adhered to.
 A teenager working towards being acknowledged in opinions cannot afford to leave out the quality of being reserve.  Being reserved means being slow to show feelings or express opinions. This connotes being discreet, not always present in a discussion when not invited, being calm, composed and scarce. When one is not common, he will then be sought after and deeply respected. The processed words of a reserved person are always revered and taken serious. Little wonder, reserved teenagers are noticed to be intellectually sound and enjoy admiration galore.
Another sure way to make one’s opinion count is by mixing with the right people. The right people are the well-groomed, the intelligent ones, the stoic ones, the morally-conscious and the composed ones. Flocking with teenagers below this standard may constitute a delay to reaching this goal. This does not suggest snubbing and discriminating anyone below this standard. The type of people a teen spends time and hobnobs with may either fuel his vehicle to reaching this goal quick or might cause the tyres to linger.
Above all, the most important way of making your opinions matter is by demonstrating and making good values visible in one’s day-to-day activities. There is a long list of good values which include: honesty, trustworthiness and truthfulness, politeness, humility, loyalty and commitment, dedication and diligence, respectfulness, transparency, straight-forwardness, selflessness, self control, determination, hardworking, calm and gentle, courteous, obedient, integrity, helpful, consideration, studious and kind.
This values mould up one’s personality, makes one a figure of emulation and the one in whom a sound advice can be sought. A teenager that picks this values and combines them in his life will magnet and attract the love of people. His or her opinion will be greatly considered and advice, most times followed.
All the points elaborated above work hand-in-hand and complement each other in creating a person that renders opinions that count.

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