Monday, 7 December 2015


After you learn this idioms you will use them in almost every conversation
Idiom: A long row of hoe
Meaning: A difficult task that takes a long time
Example: Memorizing these poem is a long row of hoe.
Idiom: Ace up sleeve
Meaning: A secret plan or object that will give an advantage.
Example: The match is not yet over, I still have an ace up my sleeve that will put us in the lead.
Idiom: Ants In Pants
Meaning: A state of being agitated
Example: Tolu got ants in her pants when she heard that her report card had been sent to her parents.
Idiom: Asleep at the wheel
Meaning: Not carrying out one’s responsibilities properly
Example: Mary has to return for another operation. The doctor must have been asleep at the wheel when he stitched her up with a ball of wool still in her stomach.
Idiom: All thumbs
Meaning: To be very Clumsy
Example: I don’t want John to play with my phone. He is all thumbs.
Idiom: All ears
Meaning: To listen carefully and attentively to someone of something
Example: If you have a problem with me, I am all ears.
Idiom: At a stone’s throw
Meaning: A very short distance
Example: Kwame live at a stone throw from my house
That is all for now. Next week we’ll be posting more idioms

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