Monday, 16 November 2015


Take an observant look at your timetable, do you have a free hour or two? Do you have viable plans on what to do with your leisure time?
"Time wasted is money", a dictum I agree with. Do you want the later days to be filled with regrets on how you wasted your time? Achieve, achieve and achieve with your spare time. No one says you should therefore grow into introvert. Boy, girl, not every minute of your time should be spent doing school work and not every spare minute should be spent talking about the girls and about the boys.
Though, time management is noticed to fail in many cases because it is born of "perfectionism and unrealism" but with determination and discipline, it is definitely possible to be a good time manager.

Here are tips that would help you manage your time effectively as a student:

MAKE GOALS: Every ambitious man or woman has goals. He maps out plans on how to achieve it. He is determined, decisive, disciplined. Quote me, anyone with this feat manages time effectively because he or she is always aware of the time.

Know how much time it should take for an activity so you do not spend forever trying to reach perfection.

MAKE A TIMETABLE: Do your assignments and read your notes and textbooks at the specified time. Your brain will adjust to the routine: you'ld be restless when you do not have your eyes running through the pages of your school books at the right time.

ENGAGE IN BRAIN CHALLENGING ACTIVITIES: The brain's ability is awestricking. It can adapt very easily among all other things. Begin the intellectual activity, after a little time you would realise that your former activities will simply be jading. This makes you a potential motivator. Other collegues see you and envy the life you lead.

A hobby is a great way to develop skills and interact with other people. Some of them can even generate income. A hobby builds on itself. You start out knowing nothing and gradually build a repertoire of skills. Even if these skills aren’t particularly useful, the process helps you learn how to learn. Once you’ve developed one set of skills from scratch, the next set is even easier.

AVOID ADDICTIVE THINGS: Games, social media and gossiping can be very chaining. They are parlous and unsafe. Time's wings grow and it flies faster when you do these addictive things.
FIND A MENIAL JOB: This makes you feel busy and responsible. There just wouldn't be ample time for a satisfying gossip or obscene discussion. Still, money is made.

LEARN MULTITASKING: Did I hear someone say only woman multitask? That is definitely a lie. Everyone can do quite a number of things at the same time. This is an ideal ability students should work towards getting. It is an awesome time management skill. 

If you are very sure you read through every word and you got a total grasp of the article, put it to practice and unravel a whole new up-and-running you.

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  1. Ihechi, you are doing a great job!