Monday, 30 November 2015

You will need:

Pair of stretchy jeans (the leg part and the pocket).
Fabric glue

Select the book that you would like to make a book cover for
Cut open up the leg of the jeans and spread it on a table
Place the book on it to measure it then cut around it leaving atleast three inches of jeans around it.
Apply fabric glue to one side of the book cover, then spread the jeans on it and press it so that there is no air bubble.
Glue the jeans to the edge of the books, then glue to jeans to the other half of the book cover.
Cut the conners by the edge of the book so that it can be properly folded.
Fold the extra fabric over the inside of the book cover and glue it on all sides.
Leave it to dry.
You can cut out a pocket and glue it to the front of the book.
You can also glue decorations (buttons, sparkles, ribbons) to it.

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