Friday, 20 November 2015

What is Etiquette?
 Etiquette is a code of conduct, that shapes how one relates with others.
Classroom etiquette is the right and accepted code of conduct that dictates how one behaves in class.
No student is allowed to be non-chalant about classroom etiquette as it is righteous and courteous.

Arrive to class on time.
Do not use your mobile phones or other devices in class. Turn it off or activate the silent mode.
Do not be part of side discussions. Avoid passing notes, whispering etc.
Be respectful to everyone in class. Do not taunt a collegue's effort, do not laugh mockerily or snigger during a presentation.
Be attentive. stay quiet except you have to make a contribution or ask a question.
Be sure not to eat or drink during a class. It is inappropriate.
Do not leave the class at the middle of the lecture.

The one thing that predisposes lecturers to have an interest in some students is the presence of classroom etiquette in them. Teachers like you and lecturers respect you. That is something many students do a lot to get.

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