Friday, 27 November 2015


Truly, some teachers can make you get tired of schooling, feel dull even with the effort you put into learning, because they treat you unfairly. Here are tips to prevent you from falling aprey of teachers like this.

1. Be sure to make a good impression at the first year or when you are admitted into a new school.
2. Understand your teachers very quickly.
3. Care about their subjects and be sure to make them know you do.
4. If you miss a class, meet the course teacher, ask what was taught during your absence.
5. Give them no reason to reduce your grades. Be involved in the lecture, ask questions, jot, fix your gaze at the teacher during a class, etc.
6. Do not mislay your test scripts, assignments etc
7. Try not to gossip about the teacher or teachers to other students: there are snitches around.
8. Always be polite and respectful.
9. If the teacher persists in being unfair, lay a complaint to the departmental head.


  1. On point. I honstly luv this blog.

  2. Yeah, those tips are helping, but I want to know why will you crest your name in a teacher's black book is the first instance?? A teacher will not just hate you for doing sake.

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