Thursday, 8 October 2015

After Denrele Edun has been mocked for falling off the stage while doing his wild dance on a stage at an event in Port Harcourt, the media personality revealed that although he sustained an injury from that fall that made him unable to rock his heels for a while, nothing can knock off his hustle.
“Y’al thot the “DENRELE FALL” wud knock my hustle out? ‘Em flat shoes ain’t my portion!
I returned onto the Runway almost immediately in 8-inch-pain-staking-Louboutin-stilettos!
Again…Your life is a runway…walk your true walk.
No one can do it better than you being the real YOU!
I BROKE NO BONES but I sure as heck BROKE THE FRIGGING INTERNET!” he posted on Instagram.

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